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About Vox Invictus

Vox Invictus is a tightly knit community in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We are located on the Devona's Rest server. We originally formed in the MMORPG Age of Conan, but have since transitioned into Guild Wars 2. Our main focus is WvW, Guild Events, and high end dungeons. However. we also have many members that enjoy Five Man Hard Modes and crafting. Our general recruitment is geared towards higher level players that want to be part of a mature, organized, and friendly community. Nevertheless, lower levels are still encouraged to apply if they believe they can add to our community.

- Vark


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Halloween Contest Vote! Cast your Vote!

by Varkarian, 20 hours ago

The costume submissions are in! Cast your vote!

The submissions can be viewed here,

Remember, you must vote for a contestant other than yourself

Guild Launch does not allow polls to have more then a few options, so I had to create a Monkey Survey to be able to include everyone. Please us this link to cast your vote,

Voting will close Friday night (Oct 31st) at Midnight Est.

Contestants are listed in the order that they submitted their pictures.

And great job to everyone that submitted a picture. There are some really good ones!

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Kicked from VOX?

by Maximus Illuminatus, 9 days ago

We had a bit of a situation earlier today. If you were inadvertently kicked from the guild, please send a whisper someone in the guild for a reinvite. We are working as quickly as we can to get everyone reinstated.

Vulkguardian Winter
Zero Steelclaw
Titus Illuminatus

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VOX Halloween Costme Contest!

by Varkarian, 10 days ago

VOX will be holding a Halloween costume contest! See below for rules and information.

How to Enter

If you want to enter into the competition, simply reply to this thread with your picture submission. You may only submit one (1) picture. Again, the theme is Halloween, so feel free to go ultra scary or ultra playful, whatever you like.


(1) All entries must be posted by Midnight Est., on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

(2) On Thursday, October 30, 2014, a poll will be placed on the website listing each entry.

(3) Each person will be able to cast one vote for the Halloween costume that they like the most.

(4) You cannot vote for yourself.

(5) Voting will close Friday, October 31st at Midnight Est.

(6) Winners will be announced Saturday, November 1st during our WvW raid.


First place will receive 20 gold. Second place will receive 10 gold. Third place will receive 5 gold.



Good luck to everyone!


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