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About Vox Invictus

Vox Invictus is a tightly knit community in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We are located on the Crystal Desert server. Our main focus is WvW, Guild Events, and high end dungeons. However, we also have many members that enjoy all aspects of the game. Our general recruitment is geared towards higher level players that want to be part of a mature, organized, and friendly community. Nevertheless, lower levels are still encouraged to apply if they believe they can add to our community.

- Vark


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VOX is Moving to CD!

by HazeBot, 17 days ago

I had a chance to meet with the Crystal Desert war council, and I have great news they would love to have us on the server.  I asked them several questions to help get us a better understanding of the server. They do use team speak and in order for us to have a channel I will need to apply to the Crystal Desert for the team speak server package.  Their website is and the team speak is we will need to get everyone permissions before our raids so come early. I was also informed of different time zones they do have coverage for most time zones some may be lesser than others, but they always have something going on which is definitely a big change to what our current state is.  I can confirm this as well I have been on during their EU, OCX, and some of the SEA time zone and it has at least had 1 hat going. We will see some zergs in the 40 man range, but we can definitely tango with that. They did say that almost all raids in WvW are open so feel free to join them in Team Speak. I will apply for the team speak permissions after our raid on Sunday.  We will be moving after Guild Missions (Wednesday 9 EST) with Illuminatus please don't move before then.  We will be announcing our departure from SoS on Monday.  I can't wait til the move this is going to be a nice change of pace for us.

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Meeting notes

by Ann Athema, 23 days ago

Here are the meeting notes from Sunday Night's meeting.

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Guild Meeting

by HazeBot, 25 days ago

We are having a guild meeting this Sunday. We are going to have the meeting at 8:30 est instead of raid, but if we finish early we will go kick some ass. Please attend the meeting it is going to have some important discussions.

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