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About Vox Invictus

Vox Invictus is a tightly knit community in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We are located on the Sea of Sorrows server. Our main focus is WvW, Guild Events, and high end dungeons. However. we also have many members that enjoy Five Man Hard Modes and crafting. Our general recruitment is geared towards higher level players that want to be part of a mature, organized, and friendly community. Nevertheless, lower levels are still encouraged to apply if they believe they can add to our community.

- Vark


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Guild Meeting 12/17 After Guild Missions

by Varkarian, 4 days ago

There will be a guild meeting after the 12/17 Guild Missions. I strongly encourage all members to attend. The agenda is as follows:

  • Raid Attendance & Future of the Guild.
  • Recruitment.
  • Officer Expectations & Role Modeling.
  • Guardian Spec Tweaks.
  • Ele Spec Tweaks.
  • WvW Standards and Expectations When Attending.

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SoS info

by Anna Thema, 17 days ago

Here is the info for SoS's website and TS


TS or

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VOX will be transferring off of DR

by Varkarian, 20 days ago

This is a heads up for anyone that has been missing the guild meetings and/or raids lately. The topic of transferring has been a hot and constant one with all of the other guilds leaving the server. For anyone that doesn't know, WZ, HoD, Beep, BeVR, and DmD have all left and/or are leaving DR.

This has left VOX as the only real WvW guild still on the server. At our most recent guild meeting, a concensus was reached that its time for the guild to move on.

The two servers that we've been discussing are SoS and TC. SoS is in tier 2, while TC is in tier 1. At this point, the vast majority of members have expressed a preference for SoS.

We have not "officially" moved yet. We'll still be doing Haze's Suicide Sunday and our Monday wvw raid. However, we will be moving servers this Tuesday/Wednesday, so start farming gold if you don't have any. We've also had many members say they plan to donate extra gold for anyone that can't make it.

We'll get everyone that actively WvWs over with us.

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