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Vox Invictus is a tightly knit community in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We are located on the Borlis Pass server. We originally formed in the MMORPG Age of Conan, but have since transitioned into Guild Wars 2. Our main focus is WvW, Guild Events, and high end dungeons. However. we also have many members that enjoy Five Man Hard Modes and crafting. Our general recruitment is geared towards higher level players that want to be part of a mature, organized, and friendly community. Nevertheless, lower levels are still encouraged to apply if they believe they can add to our community.

- Vark


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Guild Date with DaA Saturday (19th)

by Varkarian, 5 days ago

This Saturday we will be going on a guild date with DaA. They will be joining us in the VOX channel. Pants optional.

We will be running as a skill group, so bring your "A" game and respective builds.

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Guild Date with Noob thi Saturday (31st) at 8:30PM EST

by Varkarian, 56 days ago

VOX's Skill Group will be hosting Noob's Skill Group for a joint guild run this Saturday night. We'll be linking up with Noob at 8:35ish, so please be on a little early to form up our own VOX groups first.

I will be leading the raid. If we al get along and have a good time, then we will be doing it again next week with a member of Noob leading the date.

This is a Skill Group run, so come with the required specs/gear.

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