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About Vox Invictus

Vox Invictus is a tightly knit community in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. We are located on the Sea of Sorrows server. Our main focus is WvW, Guild Events, and high end dungeons. However. we also have many members that enjoy Five Man Hard Modes and crafting. Our general recruitment is geared towards higher level players that want to be part of a mature, organized, and friendly community. Nevertheless, lower levels are still encouraged to apply if they believe they can add to our community.

- Vark


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Meeting Notes from Feb 25

by Varkarian, 57 days ago

For anyone that missed the guild meeting and the WvW training, a summary of the meeting notes has been posted here:

As for the WvW training, several people failed the gear checks. Be aware that we will be rechecking this upcoming Wednesday at the next WvW training night (after guild missions / 10 pm est). Make sure to get caught up with our current setup.

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Guild Meeting 01/30/15 at 8:30 PM EST.

by Varkarian, 94 days ago

There will be a guild meeting this Friday. It will be an important meeting, so please attend if you are available. The issues that will be discussed are outlined below. If there is something that you would like brought up, please let me know and I'll add it on.

Guild Meeting Agenda:

  1. Recruitment (update).
  2. Integrating new recruits to the guild's play style.
  3. Rumors regarding Haze & Lumy (that they themselves just learned about!)
  4. Gizmo's removal from the guild.
  5. WvW attitudes & atmosphere.
  6. Tightening up on the hat/movement issues in WvW.
  7. Discussion of field placement & water blasts.
  8. Training Sessions & Gauntlets.
  9. Spec enforcement.
  10. Required classes & working towards them.
  11. Member, Noob Sauce, Officer expectations & Clarification of rep policy.
  12. TeamSpeak discipline.
  13. SoS Server Meeting Update.

It's hard to know how long the meeting will go since everyone who wants to will be allowed to give their input. Depending on the time, we'll pop into WvW afterwards.

Again though, please attend, especially if you're part of our WvW crowd as these discussions will directly affect you.

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Guild Meeting 12/17 After Guild Missions

by Varkarian, 134 days ago

There will be a guild meeting after the 12/17 Guild Missions. I strongly encourage all members to attend. The agenda is as follows:

  • Raid Attendance & Future of the Guild.
  • Recruitment.
  • Officer Expectations & Role Modeling.
  • Guardian Spec Tweaks.
  • Ele Spec Tweaks.
  • WvW Standards and Expectations When Attending.

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